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Message from the company director
It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the world of Karayiannas developers and Constructors. Our company started from a small family run construction business, developing, Hotels, commercial builings, housing projects and today, I am proud to say that we now have a reputation as one of the leading construction companies in Cyprus. From day one, I have been 100% committed to build a company built on solid foundations that will carry out work to the highest standards by reliable and motivated staff. Karayiannas has highly skilled workforces who work on a variety of projects, both commercial and residential. Initially we use architects who help with the design of a particular project but then throughout construction, we have our team onsite who liaise on a daily basis with our Sales and Technical team delivering buildings that will meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

Having been in the business now for over 35  years, I still firmly believe in taking a hands on approach as a company like ours cannot be run from an office alone. A vast majority of my time is spent on all of our sites overseeing our projects. Having worked in all areas of the construction industry, I take a keen interest in the quality of work being carried out by our work force, sub contractors and of course our team in the office. This way, not only am I aware of the progress on all of our projects on a day to day basis but I am also in regular contact with all of the staff who work for the company. I can say that we still have employees who have been with us for twenty years and more. Its very important to be approachable. My son Mario and I find, that by talking not only to clients but also to our staff, we can make sure Karayiannas provides the support necessary, that will help it continue to be one of the leading Developers in Cyprus.

Mario has worked hard to gain the experience needed to be Managing director of a of an established construction company like Karayiannas and I have every confidence that with his vision, we will be able to grow and face the challenges in the industry today