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The delivery of your home
Our Sales and Technical staff keep in regular contact with you after the purchase of your chosen property. They will send you photos of progress and are happy to answer any further queries you have throught the building process. When your property nears completion, they will contact you to explain the Delivery procedure i.e Final Inspection, Final Payment, Furnishing your home etc. Once you have agreed an exact date for the delivery of your home, your point of contact here at Karayiannas will arrange a time convenient for you to meet with them and make a final Inspection of your home. On final payment, you will receive the keys to your property.

Our staff are here to make sure the delivery of your home is a trouble free and enjoyable experience. Therefore they keep in touch with you after delivery and or on hand to help you with any queries you have of provide you with any further information or help you may need.Please see our Everything for your Home section for more information.